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One of the most interesting things for me is whether the XC100 will be a rival for the BMW X6 or X7. Personally I hope it's a X7 rival because I need a bigger vehicle for the family. Also, I'm not as big of a fan of SUV coupes as other people are.

CarScoops says it will be a X7 rival

However, this full-size luxury SUV segment is about to get even more crowded, with the GLS and the X7 reportedly awaiting the arrival of Volvo’s range-topping XC100 model, which according to Autonews, has already been shown to U.S. dealers.

The Swedish flagship SUV is said to ride on an updated version of the brand’s SPA platform, and will be roughly 7 inches (178 mm) longer and 5 inches (127 mm) wider than the XC90. This means it will be even more spacious inside, with room for both six as well as seven, depending on configuration.

While little is known about the model, one individual who saw it reportedly described it as “an XC90, Range Rover, [Rolls-Royce] Cullinan all in one.”

Meanwhile, Autoblog says it will be a crossover coupe:

The report says the XC100 Recharge is going to be based on the next-gen XC90, so expect a chopped-roof version of that car. If Volvo follows the trends of its European competitors, it’ll feature similar design characteristics as the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. MT says that Volvo will be positioning the vehicle as a flagship branding statement, leaving the XC90 to be the utilitarian offering. Both vehicles are expected to be built on Volvo’s upcoming SPA2 architecture that is being designed to support both gas-engine and fully-electric vehicles.
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